When it comes to listing your home, you want to make sure you have photographs that make the features of your home stand out. If you’re looking for how to photograph real estate, you’ve come to the right place!

At Perfect Real Estate Visuals in Coral Springs, we are experts in real estate photography. We’ve created some tips for how to get beautiful photos that show off everything your home has to offer.

But when you’re stuck — or don’t have time to figure out how to photograph real estate — request a shoot from our team and get professional, quality real estate photography.

How To Photograph Real Estate

Follow these different tips and learn how to photograph real estate for yourself.

Set Up The Space

Get started with this before you set up any photography equipment! Small details, like making sure there is a roll of toilet paper in the bathroom and removing signs of animals or bric a brac, will make your home look versatile and ready for any potential homeowner.  

In fact, we’ve made a preparation checklist to help you remember every small detail of real estate photography. Once you’ve followed this checklist, then you’re ready to pull out those cameras and get some breathtaking pictures of your space.

Home Photo Shoot Checklist

Use A Tripod

Tripods can help keep your camera steady and allow you to take pictures hands-free.

Have Multiple Flashes

Setting up different flashes in large rooms will help light the entire space so there are no shadows and every feature can be seen.


If you’re taking interior images, think about how the light outside will look. Bright window light can make for darker interiors. To combat this, turn on all the lights inside to help brighten the space.

While you’re outside, think about the time of day you are shooting real estate photography. For example, an overcast sky can eliminate lighting problems. But don’t wait until the sun is hitting the front of the house. If you have to, always photograph from the same end of the house that the sun is on.

Shooting pictures at dusk or dawn can also create unique pictures that also showcase the exterior lighting of your home.

Start With The Exterior

The first thing any potential home buyer wants to see is the exterior of the house. This will give them a look at the entire property. If you have a patio, pool, or big garage, then these are other exterior spaces to focus on for photos.

Ask your realtor if there are any other exterior features you should also highlight while you’re outside.


Now that your home is picture-worthy, you can take pictures inside! One great tip is to never have a large, bulky object in the front of the picture. Something like a chair can keep the eye from flowing through the room and makes the space look smaller.

Choose Perfect Real Estate Visuals

Capturing just the right image of your property is a valuable asset to have with your listing, but it can also be challenging to accomplish yourself. Instead of spending days learning how to photograph real estate yourself, choose the experts.

Our team of trained photographers at Perfect Real Estate Visuals in Coral Springs can help you get stunning photographs of both your home’s interior and exterior features. Request a photo shoot and make your home listing stand out today with professional real estate photography!