1. How COVID-19 Is Changing Real Estate

    There aren’t many areas of our lives that haven’t been affected by COVID-19. Real estate is no exception and, while the housing market has held relatively steady despite a slowing economy, there are many aspects of real estate that have been affected by COVID-19. In this post, we’ll discuss a …Read More

  2. 4 Ways to Improve Your Real Estate Listings

    The real estate market is holding steady despite the effects of COVID-19 on the economy. Home prices have held steady and, in some local markets, have actually increased more than expected! Buyers are increasingly turning to online listings in order to avoid in-person interactions as much as possibl…Read More

  3. HDR: The Three Most Important Letters In Real Estate Photography

    Since the inception of photography almost 200 years ago, the ever-evolving technology behind our cameras has drastically changed the way that we see the world. When it comes to real estate photography, no technology has had a larger impact on how prospective home-buyers see your home than high dynam…Read More