Drones have made it easier to take stunning aerial photos and videos from the air. Whether you’re trying to get a perfect visual representation of your real estate property or see your home from a different angle, drone photography has many benefits. Just follow these tips and take stunning aerial photographs with your drone.

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The most important thing is to make sure the lighting is right. If it’s a rainy or overcast day, it might be better to wait until the sky clears up before sending your drone out. Natural light in the daytime provides the best light to take stunning pictures. Check your weather and pick the perfect day to send your drone out for pictures.

Time of Day

The timing for your drone photography builds off lighting. If you’re looking for a stunning picture, try sending your drone out when the sun is about to set. The vivid colors and the shadows cast as the sun sets can add a visually appealing element to your aerial pictures.

Multiple Takes

If you’re sending your drone out to get pictures, don’t take just one! Have your drone take multiple pictures and videos so you have options when your drone comes back down.

Still and Video

You’re flying your drone around, so take advantage of that. Don’t just focus on taking still photographs. Take a video of your drone moving around to add another dimension to your drone footage. Experiment with different movements and paths to see what creates a unique perspective.

Camera Settings

Make sure you know the type of camera you’re sending up with your drone. We talked earlier about the lighting. Pick the right mode for the type of lighting you have to make sure the camera adjusts. Experiment with different settings on your camera to see what type of pictures you can get.

Focal Point

Think about what you’re trying to focus on with your drone.  For example, with real estate photography you want to highlight the important features of the property like the pool or second-floor balcony. If you’re not sure where to put your focal point, you can follow the rule of thirds, which splits your space into nine squares. The four points where vertical and horizontal lines cross designate the spaces where your focal point should overlap.


If your drone is shaking and your camera is unable to stabilize, your pictures will come out blurry. There are some cameras that have a setting to help stabilize the picture and control shutter speed. If you’re not sure what setting is the best, complete a couple of trials with different settings to see what gives you the best photo quality.

Photo Editing Software

Once you get your drone back with aerial photos, it’s important to know how to edit those pictures. Make sure you have the right software to properly edit the photos and produce the best pictures of your location.

Perfect Real Estate Visuals

It’s important to note that if you’re not the owner of the area where you’re taking drone photography, you should make sure you know the rules and regulations.

These different drone photography tips will help you the next time you send your drone out for stunning aerial photos.

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