With the advancement of technology, high-resolution aerial photos aren’t just reserved for high-end properties. In the past, to capture aerial photos of your home, you needed to hire an aerial photographer to capture your home’s images via an aircraft — an expensive endeavor. Today, however, with the advancement of drones, capturing high-resolution aerial photos of your home and its grounds has never been easier or more affordable. Not to mention, the benefits of aerial drone photography are staggering.

Is Hiring Someone To Take Aerial Photos Of Your Home Necessary?

Because real estate aerial photography has been reserved for those with high-end properties and high marketing budgets in the past, it is easy to think of aerial drone photography as a luxurious, unnecessary spend. However, real estate aerial drone photography is actually becoming a necessity. In fact, your home may negatively stand out if you don’t invest in aerial drone photography; similarly to how it is imperative to hire a professional to capture interior and exterior photographs instead of taking your own photos on your iPhone. Trust us, it’s worth the investment!

The Benefits Of Real Estate Aerial Drone Photography

Stay Ahead Of The Competition

If you were to do a simple real estate search in southern Florida, you would find that multiple properties have aerial drone photography, and that they are the properties that stand out to potential buyers on crowded listing sites! Real estate aerial drone photography is quickly becoming the norm, and with most prospective homebuyers starting their search online, it’s important to stay ahead of the competition with aerial drone photography so your home doesn’t get overlooked by another property that does. Aerial drone photography can make even the most humble home look desirable.  

See A Realistic View Of Entire Home And Grounds
Real estate aerial drone photography allows potential homebuyers to see a realistic view of your entire home and grounds, without having to be there in person. With aerial photos, prospective homebuyers are able to better see the layout of the home as a whole and view it from different angles, as well as the property line to view the size of the property and the proximity to neighbors. Real estate drone photography is particularly valuable for larger homes and properties that don’t photograph well on the ground due to their size.

View Backyard, Roof, And Features Of Home Such As Deck Or Pool
With real estate aerial drone photography, prospective homebuyers are able to view parts of your home that may not be visible on the ground, such as the roof. Aerial drone photography also makes it easier to see unique features of your home that you want to show off, like a pool or deck. Unlike professional interior and exterior photography, aerial drone photography allows the potential homebuyer to see the full scope of the features of your home that you are most proud of. Show just how grand your large wrap around deck or backyard pool is with aerial photos.

View Surrounding Features, Such As, Schools And Parks
Is one of the top selling points for your home that you are close to a school, park, lake, or other exciting feature in your town? With aerial drone photography, you are able to give potential homebuyers a better idea of where your home is and show off its prime location. By showing homebuyers where your house is located and giving them more insight into the neighborhood and town, your property will feel more familiar to prospective buyers and they will be more likely to buy.

If you are looking to sell your property in southern Florida, high-resolution aerial photos are a must. By giving prospective homebuyers a high-level overview of your home and grounds from the comfort of their own couch, buyers will become more familiar with your home and fall in love with it before they even see it in person.

What are you waiting for? Show off your beautiful Florida home and property with aerial drone photography and make your listing stand out. Contact Perfect Real Estate Visuals to request a shoot or learn more about our high-resolution aerial services starting at only $120 today. We look forward to capturing eye-catching visuals of your home to help it sell.

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