Are you looking to sell your South Florida property fast and for top dollar? Then professional interior and exterior photography is a must! Today, most home searches begin online and if your listing isn’t eye-catching, it will easily be overlooked for a property with professional real estate photos. Don’t let your property get skipped. Perfect Real Estate Visuals is here to capture what makes your house a home and entice house hunters to schedule a showing to view your home.

So, what can you expect from our professional interior and exterior photography? High-end photography at a fraction of the price. Our photographers go beyond just taking snapshots of your home. Here is what our photographers look for to ensure the best possible photos to make the best first impression of your homes and make prospective home buyers fall in love with your home before they even view it in person.

Staging At Its Best

The best ways to send prospective home buyers clicking to the next property is through unstaged real estate photos. You could have the perfect exposure, focus, and angle, but if your frame is cluttered with knick-knacks and your pet’s favorite toys, you can expect home buyers to take off running. While you don’t want your house to be cluttered with personal items, you also don’t want to show empty rooms. Perfect Real Estate Visuals is here to help you find the right balance when staging your home — a balance that will help home buyers see your home’s full potential.

To fully maximize your home’s potential through real estate photos, we also offer virtual staging!

The Right Images

When listing your home, it’s not so much about the number of images you have to share with potential home buyers, but about having the right images. In terms of real estate photography, sometimes less is more. You want to show enough photos to capture buyers’ interest, but you also want to leave them wanting more, so they schedule a showing and view your home in person. Our professional photographers at Perfect Real Estate Visuals know which real estate photos to capture to get buyers calling to view your home.

All About The Angles

We pride ourselves at Perfect Real Estate Visuals on offering a brand-new perspective. We are all about capturing images of your home from angles that make your home stand out. We believe it’s not enough to simply have eye-catching real estate photos — you must turn homebuyers’ heads.

Perfect Lighting & Color

Lighting has a significant effect on the mood and size of the room, thus good lighting and enhanced color is critical when taking real estate photos. At Perfect Real Estate Visuals, we know how create the perfect lighting to showcase your home to look its best.

As an additional add on, we also offer day-to-dusk photography.

Cutting-Edge HDR Technology

If you don’t hire a professional real estate photographer, even the most beautiful homes can suffer in the listings. HDR (high dynamic range) photography is crucial for capturing high-quality interior and exterior photos of your home. In Coral Gables, we love our natural light, and house hunters are drawn listings that display the warm, inviting living spaces that they are looking for.  Without HDR photography, the natural light in your home can go from being one of your greatest selling points to a detractor that makes capturing quality images of these areas next to impossible. HDR photography is equally important when taking exterior photos of your listing. Our experienced photographers use their cutting-edge technology and knowledge of HDR techniques to display every area of your house in its best light. For more information about how HDR photography is essential to selling your home, read our blog. Don’t sacrifice any of the details that make your listing pop, contact the experts at Perfect Real Estate Visuals to book your shoot today!

When you work with Perfect Real Estate Visuals, you get what you pay for and more! Our interior and exterior photography starts at only $120! Don’t let your home get skipped over in the listings because of amateur photography. Request a shoot today or contact us for more information. We look forward to helping you sell your home fast and for top dollar with high-quality and eye-catching interior and exterior real estate photos.

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