An aerial drone image of the exterior of a home.

Listing your property always comes with its own set of challenges, like getting the perfect real estate photography and making sure you highlight all the right features. But have you ever thought about hiring a company that can take drone photographs of your real estate? 

The increasing popularity of drones — and their ability to take aerial shots and videos — has transformed real estate listings and how agents market their properties. By combining drone photography with aerial videos and home tours, potential homebuyers can get a clearer image of your property before they’ve even toured. 

Now, more and more homeowners and homebuyers are choosing agents and real estate photographers that have the ability to do aerial and drone video and photography. At Perfect Real Estate Visuals in Coral Springs, we specialize in drone photography, along with home tours and 3D virtual tours. You can schedule a shoot today and watch your real estate listing transform!

Drone Photography and Real Estate Listings

In this post, we’re going to talk about drone photography and how it allows real estate agents to sell properties faster and for more money. 

With the increased presence of drone photography in the real estate business, homebuyers and sellers are choosing agents that offer these unique services. In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 

 73% of homebuyers say that they are more likely to choose an agent that uses both video and drone photography!

This statistic shows the growing need for listings to also include the benefits drone photography offers — especially if you know you’re competing with other listings that are already doing this. 

Below, you can learn more about the different ways your listing can benefit from drone photography. 

Make Your Listing Stand Out

As we’ve already mentioned, the NAR found that 73% of homebuyers prefer drone photography and videos. But what’s more surprising is that the NAR also found that: 

Only 9% of realtors are working to create video assets for their listings.

So finding a company that will incorporate these visual elements into your listing is something that will make your listing stand out — especially if the majority of homeowners are looking for properties with videos and drone photography. 

Sell Your Home Faster 

With such a high number of homebuyers and sellers leaning towards listings and agents with these aerial photographs and videos, it’s not surprising that homes with these elements are selling faster. 

In fact, Real Estate Magazine reports that 

Homes with aerial photography on their listings sold 68% faster

That number is high but it’s also not surprising. When you can see the entire property from an aerial angle, a potential homebuyer knows exactly what features and property they are getting without having the tour the property. 


Before you worry that drone photography will add larger costs to your real estate process, you should know that drones are affordable. 

Before the emergence of drones, aerial videos and photography required a helicopter. But, when you find a drone photography company with certified, commercial drone pilots, you can get the same quality photographs at one-third the cost of hiring a helicopter. This makes it easier to have that stunning listing without going over your moving budget. 

Draw Attention to the Details

We’ve used the word “stunning” multiple times to describe drone photography, but that’s because it is! How often do you get to see a property from above? 

When you offer a birds-eye video of your property, your listing is guaranteed to draw the attention of different homebuyers. From being able to see all of the exterior features at once — like a pool, patio, and manicured landscape — to getting an idea of the size of the house and surrounding neighbors, you have a strong sense of the dimension and proximity of everything on the property. 

Additionally, we touched on the benefits of drones over helicopters. But since drones are pilotless, small, and light, they are able to get to places and angles that a helicopter cannot. This provides a unique look at certain features — like the shingles on the roof or a small garden alcove — that haven’t been available for real estate listings in the past. 

Drone Photography from Perfect Real Estate Visuals 

We hope this post helped you see how drone photography can give your real estate listing the boost it needs to stand out on the market. 

From drone photography and aerial videos to high-quality interior photography, there is the statistical backing to support that more and more homebuyers and sellers are moving towards the stunning photography drones can provide. 

To see some of the aerial work we’ve done, or to request a shoot, reach out to Perfect Real Estate Visuals in Coral Springs. Whether you’re a real estate agent or a homeowner with a property to sell, transform your real estate listing — add drone photography and video today!