Since the inception of photography almost 200 years ago, the ever-evolving technology behind our cameras has drastically changed the way that we see the world. When it comes to real estate photography, no technology has had a larger impact on how prospective home-buyers see your home than high dynamic range (HDR) photography. At Perfect Real Estate Visuals in Coral Springs, we are experts in HDR real estate photography. Stay ahead of the curve and request a shoot with our team today!

What is High Dynamic Range Photography?

High dynamic range photography, or HDR, is a powerful photography technique when used correctly. The concepts behind this technique are somewhat easy to understand, although properly executing HDR can be very tricky. Let’s start by breaking down the term itself:

Dynamic Range: There is a lightest and darkest part to each photograph. The difference between these two parts is the dynamic range.

When you take a picture, if your subject exceeds this range by being too dark or too bright, the highlights will wash out in white, or the low-lights will produce a black blob.

Similarly, the light that our eyes pick up far exceeds the dynamic range that you see with single shot photography. Here is an every-day example:

Let me set the scene for you. You are enjoying a relaxing evening out on your patio. There is a cool breeze in the air and a gorgeous sunset on the horizon. You want to bottle this moment up, share it with friends, and be able to look back at it anytime and remember just how nice it was to be in that moment, staring at the sunset. You aim your camera (or phone) towards the sunset, tap the screen a few times to get the lighting just right, and snap the picture.

The feeling of utter disappointment that follows as you stare down at the dark, blurry, blotchy, photo on your phone is a result of your subject exceeding the dynamic range of your photo.

Whereas single-shot photography only captures the parts of your subject within the dynamic range, HDR photography allows you to clearly capture lights and darks outside of this natural range. This is achieved by taking photos at different exposure levels and then combining them using editing software to create a better picture.

Why HDR Is Essential For Real Estate Photography

HDR photography allows you to, quite literally, display your home in its best light. With single-shot photography, you have to settle for the dynamic range provided by one photograph. With HDR, you can expand the dynamic range in the photos you take of each area of your home, bringing out all of the details in each shot and giving you unprecedented control over the photo quality you can achieve in the editing process.

HDR Properly Displays The Natural Light In Your Home

When it comes to the interior of your home, especially in Coral Springs, we love our natural light. Home-buyers are attracted to real estate listings that display beautiful, inviting interiors flooded with natural light. HDR photography is the only way to bring out the best in each shot of the interior of your home. With single-shot photography, you will lose this battle to a seller using HDR photos every time.

HDR Saves You Time And Saves Your Listing

If you are doing the real estate photography for your listing, you will find yourself taking photos of the interior and exterior of the home over-and-over-again trying to find the right lighting or the right time of day to best represent the home. If you are using single-shot photography, you may find yourself calling the homeowner and asking to come back and re-shoot in their home, sometimes more than once. Eventually, you will have to stop when something is “good enough” or you or the homeowner run out of patience.

While simple in concept, the process of properly using HDR photography can be tough to execute. Save yourself some time and ensure that your listing reflects the beauty of the home and all of the hard work that you have put into it by working with the HDR experts— Perfect Real Estate Visuals. Contact us today to get started!