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  1. How COVID-19 Is Changing Real Estate

    There aren’t many areas of our lives that haven’t been affected by COVID-19. Real estate is no exception and, while the housing market has held relatively steady despite a slowing economy, there are many aspects of real estate that have been affected by COVID-19. In this post, we’ll discuss a …Read More

  2. 4 Ways to Improve Your Real Estate Listings

    The real estate market is holding steady despite the effects of COVID-19 on the economy. Home prices have held steady and, in some local markets, have actually increased more than expected! Buyers are increasingly turning to online listings in order to avoid in-person interactions as much as possibl…Read More

  3. How Much Does Real Estate Photography Cost?

    Do you remember the last real estate photo that made your jaw drop? It probably wasn’t one that was taken in poor lighting with a phone camera. Maybe it was an overview of the entire property taken with a drone, or perhaps it was a beautifully showcased landscape taken at twilight. When done well,…Read More

  4. HDR: The Three Most Important Letters In Real Estate Photography

    Since the inception of photography almost 200 years ago, the ever-evolving technology behind our cameras has drastically changed the way that we see the world. When it comes to real estate photography, no technology has had a larger impact on how prospective home-buyers see your home than high dynam…Read More

  5. An image of a kitchen and island with a lemon plant and cookbooks.

    5 Reasons You Can Trust Our Real Estate Photography Experts

    When it comes to listing your property, you want to make sure you have photographs that make the best features of your home stand out. That’s where the experts come in.  At Perfect Real Estate Visuals in Coral Springs, we know real estate photography. When you hire professionals, you get high-qua…Read More

  6. Preparing Your Property for Real Estate Photography

    When it comes to showing people what it is that your listing has to offer, you really have to rely on high-quality listing photos. Not only is real estate photography a great way to showcase every knick and cranny of a property, but it is an opportunity to present your space the way you’d like oth…Read More

  7. How To Properly Market Real Estate

    Whether you are selling your home because you need a bigger space or because you are moving to a new location, one thing is sure to be true — you want to sell your home as quickly as possible at top dollar. When it comes to marketing your real estate, there are some big do’s and don’ts. As exp…Read More

  8. Why Real Estate Photography Is Important

    The real estate market goes through its fair share of changes and at the forefront of the industry are real estate photography services. In decades past, you were able to make a phone call to a real estate agent to search the private database of home listings and collect homes for the homebuyer to t…Read More